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This is my very own blog/poetry page where I frequently post new content that at the start of this was a way to vent my anger, sadness and frustration but I aim to change all that.

When I say ‘change” I do not mean that anything will change but rather that I wont only be posting sad and depressing writings and I aim top be more inspirational. No this isn’t a page where Guru Fantasy that “will change your life if you read” :type of bull is going to be uploaded but instead more, down to earth advise on MY personal experiences in life and try to convey them in such a way that it will maybe help others going through more or less the same.


I also feature a guest on this site until she has her own website of wich by that time i will link on this page for her writings have been, somewhat of an inspiration to me and, well you guys seem to like her a lot!


Poetry submissions!

This is a new “idea” that I have come up with and the main goal is to give people a change to show their talents through my site. You can send me these submissions via email at


I will also soon be creating a tumblr page and a twitter account for this site so stay tuned for that!


With warm regards please enjoy and take in what this site has to offer, even if it’s really corny sometime!