Poetry Submissions

Hey guys!


So these last few days I’ve been thinking….I love poetry and finding the message and emotion conveyed in the poems and stories. I still however need to work on my own poems since they are not really of the best quality, I have been focusing too much on emotion and less the message and I’ve found that sometimes the emotion within the poems hides the entire message so:

I have come up with an idea that some may consider being lazy or whatever but it will give me time to practice and show off many new and interesting writings as well as feature the talents of people.

Poetry submissions! I will have an “about” page set up by the time your reading this where my email address will be located and you can send poetry or any form of writing there and I will upload them here! I may not have the most traffic and I have myself to blame since I haven’t really invested too much in this blog page but I will try to “improve” the site however I can in the near future. Anyway I’m going off on a tangent…


Bye guys and thanks you!




I wont be uploading any new content today since I want to spend most of my time studying.

I do however have uploads scheduled for Saturday as well as Sunday where a new poem and a Brand new Story will be released.

Stick around and you might enjoy both, unfortunately I could not schedule more since i don’t want to strain myself. I want to have a respectable Blogging page but still enjoy making it, so i cannot upload new contend every day.

(with some exceptions ofcourse)

Thanks and…


songs :(

i really want to upload songs to this page buuutttt….. i don’t have the money to buy that privilege… so for now the best i can do is…maybe give a link to my youtube channel where i have the mix of songs uploaded, or soon anyway

sorry for so many different blogs the same day…



No ads! (I hate F@#$% ads)


if you have visited my page, you might’ve notice that i have no upload schedule, and that the truth. I mostly update when i feel like it. I cannot create poems out of thin air, or just write them for that matter. A lot of emotion goes into every poem or story, some that i may not feel comfortable to share yet. So I apologize for the weird upload schedule heheh.

I don’t really have any plans for this page, its not something i can invest all my time into and still make it what i want it to be… I’m sure some other writers feel the same so, again please bear with me.



Too excited!

Granted my page has the overwhelming 2 grader drawing feel to it… and i’ve seen some very nice webpages!

i really didn’t expect anything going into this… and even if 5 people viewed this page, i was under the impression that i was talking into the void of the internet, never to be heard. It just took me by surprise, and this is not something I plan to quit now, i will continue to help, write and hopefully inspire others!


thank you to the first that noticed me, and i’m sure there will be more, i really appreciate the comments and you’ve given me a glimpse of hope for this “blog” page….




might need to change the name though………..

Just a start

So if your reading this… this is my very first post! whoo hoo i guess

Now lets start things off… i will be uploading some existing poems, stories and day to day “boring” Bulls@#$ on a regular unscheduled basis. Hope you all have umm… “fun” on this (blog) and remember that there is no judgement on this site (subsite) and we are all in this world together or some F@#$*&^ Bulls@#%.


Seriously though… enjoy yourselves!