Episode 1

Episode 1

“I had a Good life then”


“I’ve had this, voice for as long as I can remember. Its been following me around and i just can’t shake it. Doc, I know you’re just trying to help but I don’t see the point to all this, I’ve told you the story a hundred times over and still you persist on asking for this stupid…ughh!” Josh looks around the room, noticing shades of green and hazel brown, the walls littered with painted trees all in a soft silver tone. It always made him feel slightly at ease being in the forest near his home town so the nature, even if fake nature, made him feel a bit more at home here. “I know your frustrated Joshua but we need to go over this until you understand what you are saying, this memory of yours, lets take it from the top shall we?  This is the only way I can help…and you can help yourself.” Dr. Deumon inclined as he scribbled the pen on a sheet of paper, Josh calls it the Doc’s black book. The candle light flickers as a gentle breeze wisps into the room. The Doctor sees the curtains flurry with the passing of the winds and decides to move to the window to close it up. ” Fine Doc, whatever you say. It started when i was young, very young about five or six….”


My mother, she came home from her usual shopping that evening, i remember it as if it where yesterday. She was wearing her yellow dress she always whore on Sundays before we went to church. Father wasnt home yet, he usually took off on the weekends to go fishing or something but he was normally home by now. Mother hadn’t heard from him since he left on friday morning after his night shift however she was still stunting a warm and casual smile, acting as if nothing was wrong. I can’t even remember if we had went to church that day or not but i can clearly remember coming home only to see my fathers, friends car in our driveway. I think his name was Grant, or maybe Garrett, I knew him as uncle Jim, or that’s what mum always called him: “little Jim.” he was waiting on our porch wearing the same old camo baseball hat and his red work shirt but this time he had a sour expression on his face. I always picture him as a jolly, happy to live type but that day, was completely different.


I looked over to mum, at first i thought she was happy but then i saw her eyes turn bloodshot red! She slammed the gas and before i knew it our car had jumped over a few brick stairs and crashed into the window, or maybe it was just the small Porcelain angel doll mother had gotten as a gift from Gran? I was like five, you can’t expect me to remember the details here Doc.


Josh looked over at Dr. Deumon only to be met with a gaze deprived of any emotion.


So anyway Mum gets out of the car yadda yadda, she starts yelling at him about dad and then, then she just collapsed and io remember seeing a flash of white in her hand at the time but, I can’t place what is was.. I unbuckled my seat belt and…

” Hold it! you never mentioned that your mother crashed into your front yard, you always said that she had stopped abruptly in the road, climbed out of the vehicle and confronted him, harshly?”

“Fine, just thought I could have a little fun you know?” he says as he chuckles at the doctor being once again met with silence. Dr. Deumon stood up gently as he took him dark cup of coffee in one hand with his black book in the other; “I’m going out for a smoke now, care to join me Josh? It could get your mind back on track so we can take this seriously again…”


To be Continued…



So what did you guys think… I’ve been trying to write short stories or maybe a short book but always got bored to easily and this is my solution, I don’t know if it will work but lets see if I can write little bits at a time to keep my interests intact? Please show some support if you enjoyed and if you want to see where the story goes from here! Thanks guys and ughh bye.. I guess!?!?


The Salvation of a little innocent boy.

a Boy whose name means nothing.

a Girl whose face means everything.

The flowers in the little girls garden,

the boy notices as she led him through.

They meet in synchronicity beneath the spotlight

where they both had a perfect life.

The boy stutters as the girl folds herself around him

and he gives in to the scent of her hair;

her eyes and warmth.

The boy wraps his arms around her once more

minding no one, they kiss in the school bathrooms.

She promises to visit him again

when his pain becomes too much…


Gates of Hell

As she stood before the gates of hell, she quietly watched as another angel fell. As she entered
the pits of fire, another soul she would admire.
Gently in the glowing light, to her soul he set flight. He wondered at her lack of fear, then saw
the demons she held near.
Softly she reached out and felt him, the fast puls beneath his pure, warm skin. Her mouth went
dry, her pulse too raced, for such a demon she had never faced.
She woke with glaring sun in her eyes, found herself beneath clear blue skies. And as the dream
began to fade away, she feared the dawning of this new day.


By Nadine


: This is one of many by this author yet to come, if you enjoyed this please let us know and I will continue to post her work! Your input means a lot to us!



The Mechanicum

The machine whistles and hums distantly

as my joints crack, moving inch by inch.

Tear away my flesh and make me anew

in the lifeless forms of the mechanicum.

a Prisoner in my biological biomechanics.

I pray for the cold to embrace me

take my bodily warmth that burns me.

Take my scars and remake them into bar codes,

meaningless zeroes and ones would give purpose

in my unlivable living.

Contact my parents via fax and send my soul

into the metal abyss, remind them of my love for them.

This is my prayer, my single wish

I don’t want to feel, to cry, to love anymore!

Like sands drift through the hourglass

let my emotions seep into the code,

then delete my files with a single click.


…Because I cant…

Grown up, now what?

Why do I feel so lonely? Maybe it’s because I’m in my room at home. Recording my thoughts inside my safe zone, but lately a bunch of shit is happening. Oh where did i go wrong?? This isn’t just the start, its been like this for so long. Everyone says they’re original, but all i ever see are clones. Fuck is going on? I’ve worked for so much but now most I’ve achieved is all but gone. They say to just brush it off but I ain’t even got enough money to buy a fucking comb. If quitting didn’t have consequences I’d give away my broken throne, but now that I’m sitting here I know I truly wont. By brain is telling me to stop but my heart cries “don’t!”. I only wish I could be me and not the very person everyone wants to see. Slowly I have grown to believe that I…I’ve got to give the people who break me, what only they want for me to feel only slightly free.


Featured writer:


a Simple Distraction

Your alone, deep in thought.

Your mind swirls and spins around

countless ideas flood through into nothingness

the pen in your hand, the paper, blank upon the table,

ticking numbs the sounds around you.

They laugh, joke around and play

yet your constant voice remains:


Shut up!

Shut up!

Shut up!


a Hand gently strokes the back of your shoulder

turning your head in excitement and shock.

Is it so wrong to feel that way?

They ask you about your face, your hands

even your eyes… Is it to much for ME to ask

to just be wanted,

by someone or something.

You start to tap your pen against the table

shut out the conversation, and the will ticking continue.

The white noise on the black stain.

Your only thought:


Shut up!

Shut up!

Shut up!


Try to think of anything else,

trust again, love again, you had it all!

Stop Thinking!

The pen moves upon the paper and it becomes blank no more.

Smoke fills you lungs as you exhale,

the sky, a bitter shade of grey

concrete surrounds you on all sides and starts to close in.

Your skin crawls, your eyes burn, a sour taste on your tongue

you wake up, go to sleep, wake up and back to sleep.

Living without life.

Colors without sight.

Sounds without hearing.

Your pen drys out, so you go buy a new one…

Feed the addiction of a simple distraction.



a Crazy, Weird Dream of You

Long, thin sharp grass

cuts deep with reality

laying in an open field

staring, picturing clouds

pondering, wondering, debating

Trow away my guilt

and take with you, my heart

Shes everything to me

I see her in the clear blue sky

I hear her in the dancing weeds

the shade from the tree

falls heavy, blanketing me

as I close my eyes

Oh no…again!

Her voice, her smile

her long, sunshine hair

the fact that she isn’t mine

haunting my dreams.

Dying over and over again and again

reaping my joy, leaving anger

with paper and pen

write down my thoughts, see through me

and look at me in my purest form

then…save me!

write down my emotion and burn it in hell

because id much rather kill my mind

than have to listen to it once more

Give me fear so the pain my flee

I need to feel alive, with you

So much I would do

trading every word kept inside

I’ve saved my whole life for you

A mirror for me

and ashes you left behind

Waking up in the field

to thousands of chirps

from ten thousand birds

swarming me like carrion

Circling overhead…this, this right here

this is my sweetest dream of her.


Authors note: This…is for “You”, if I sent you the link to this ridiculous sap story of mine…just know…  that this is how I feel, even if you don’t feel the same