People ask me

why I sleep so much,

Why I always seem to be so distant

in any conversation?

Why I do the things i do

and say the shit i say?


People asked me

why am i so different?

Why I am so weird?


People asked me

why do i always

make a fool of myself

and never answer the phone

to tell their friends about it


People asked me

where is my happy place

what do i enjoy

and why i enjoy such fucked up things


People asked me

why can I never keep a relationship

why am I so sensitive

why I go looking for trouble

and then cry when i find it

Why i just turn around

start to crummble


People asked me

to just lay down and die

to be the dog that i always

seemed to be

Oh my God why?

that their lives would

just be better off

without me.


Now those same people ask

Why did I have to go?

all dressed in black

raining down on upon my pale face,

looking down like to them

I wasn’t a complete disgrace

throwing flowers at me.


People ask me

Why did i take the cowards way out,

why i tied the rope around my neck

and just drowned the world out?

and why I didn’t tell anyone.



They just didn’t listen.

No therapist could ever cure me,

No doctor could give me

medication that will heal me

No one would listen to me

And if they did…

they would just say what I’ve heard

a thousand times over.


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