So i have been posting quite allot nowadays and well i am running a bit dry since my poems and stories take a bit of time to fabricate but ive said all of this before haven’t I.


I now have 3 followers! Yay i guess. I have also been nominated for the liebster awards and to be honest just being nominated is reward enough for me. To have only just begun a few weeks ago and already be nominated is… well more than i expected going into this mess. I want to thank Meher Gandhi for nominating me.

I also want to give (sort of) a shout-out to “MyNameIsDespair” a Really cool blogger. Funny how we have similar ideals about what we talk about and what we post. The real reason for making this page was to find people exactly like him/her and well i didn’t think to find anyone really heheh. So it took me a little by surprise.

Now for more… “real” discussions… I have fallen again and am struggling to get back up. I have cut again and I don’t know really what to do, I know it’s not the answer but sometimes you just need that instant of relief to prevent yourself from doing something even more stupid. That’s my reasoning… I’m not justifying it, I am merely legitimizing it.\

a Little more on the bright side of things i have made quite a bit of progress on my coding studies and while i am no pro I am able to write simple programs and to understand how they work.

And i think that’s all for today, see ya!


A’g’Bye!  ☺


2 thoughts on “Update

  1. As for running dry, don’t worry too much about that. I personally find it better to take your time and say something you feel is complete rather than rush something out and look back immediately feeling it’s incomplete. Quality > quantity.

    I have been quite busy myself, and find less time to sit and compile my thoughts throughout my hectic days. However, I still jot stuff down to shape at a later time when I have the time to do so.

    Thank you for the shout out! I’m glad you like my blog, and really appreciate the support.

    We all fall, but it’s getting back up that matters. Sometimes it can be difficult to vent (find that instant relief) but you’ll find something. Try approaching it by doing something productive (like wroting here, or even reading a book or something). You may not find something right away, but as long as that thought or idea is there….

    Anyways, good job on your coding! Keep it up!

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