The Liebster Awards???

Okay so, I have been nominated by Meher Gandhi for the liebster awards. In truth I really don’t think I deserve it…I have only just started blogging a few days ago and i haven’t really put i as much effort as i would’ve liked. I feel i don’t have the experience with writing to win any awards heheh. I would like to thank Meher for nominating me and ill give it a shot even if it doesn’t matter much.

My answers to his questions:


What does writing/Blogging mean to you

Writing/ Blogging is at the moment an outlet for my mental issues, a way to reach people, and hoping every day that someone, even if its only one person would listen. To just take the time and search trough my page and make them feel better about… life and to know that their not alone in this world and that there is someone out there who feels the same. Someone who also succumbs to self harm and also fall deep into the infinite blackness that we know as depression, not having the answers but also searching for them.


I you could visit any of your favorite places right now, which one would it be?

The one place that I want to visit that I have visited before isn’t a physical place but a mental place. a So called “happy place”, a place with no racism, no pain no wage gap, a place where equality truly exists. a Place where no one gets labeled by society, a place where people are measured by their accomplishments and not there mistakes.  My past, a time where nothing mattered and life was all about living, a time with no real responsibilities, and where your actions, even if it’s the right decision have no consequences and doesn’t hurt others. When I was younger, when I was living.


If you could change one thing about this world, what would it be and why?

This isn’t an easy question, since the world has so many flaws. No one thing would change the world, but it could change the world of but one. I would tear depression out of existence, yet that would not end depression. Because depression isn’t just one thing, sure it is a state of being but a state derived from many possibilities such as anxiety, trauma and loneliness to name just a few. If I am being honest with you I would not change a thing, I wont be able to truly change anything for wiping one problem from the face of the earth only gives fertile ground for many more to spawn from. My answer is: I wouldn’t change a damned thing.


What is your favorite childhood memory?

I am still a mere child so this question is somewhat blurred. My favorite “childhood” memory would be the day I found myself. The day I realized who I really am, and what I really stand for. The day i found my moral code and my sexuality, the day I knew how to make friends and the day I… I lost the person everyone told me I should be.


Do you ever face writers/bloggers block, and how do you deal with it?

Honestly I do, almost every time I write a single blog. I don’t really deal with it, I either leave it untill I have something to add to the discussion or I ramble about all my current thoughts on that situation. This however doesn’t occur when I am writing my poems as I let emotion guide my hands and I usually end up with something semi-inspiring.


If you could describe your writings in one word, what would it be?



What comes to mind when i say the word “peace”?

My every fiber tingles as I envision a world that doesn’t exist and never will. I have come to realize that the universe is in its own destructive way so tranquil and that our actions will inspire peace after countless wars to come. a Sense of oneness with all, a surreal enlightenment that one can only see after accepting that all is one and one is many, that we are all one being, one organism serving a lager purpose. What that purpose is however I fear we will never know. Our actions will accomplish peace every time like we have for millenia.


Do you think the present and the future generations will be able to bring about more of love and harmony in the world or do you think the worms of greed and hatred will consume us all?

Look to the past and you will see the future. There will never be an end to wars or humane struggles. It is those struggles that make us achieve greater things than ourselves. Through generations this question has been asked yet no one ever lives to see the answer. We as humans think linearly where in truth time isn’t liner but instead accelerating constantly. We make the world better in one way and cause more destruction in another way. The trick isn’t to hope for a better tomorrow but to hope for balance in the world. Hope that future generations would cause less and fewer animals to go extinct, less pollution, less corruption and a world where everyone has an equal and balanced opportunity to live happily.


What is the one thing you like most about blogging?

The one thing i like most is noticing the people who visit my page, even if they don’t like what is written on it and that they at least give it a fair chance.Seeing people through the filter which is the blog page helps me with my social anxiety and connect to others, helping them help me by helping them.


Do you like to read? which is your favorite book?

I don’t read to often mainly because I cannot find any books that really interests me in any way. I have seen many fantasy or sci-fi novels and whilst reading them immediately notice similarities to other novels. I get bored quickly with books that tell the same story over and over in a different way. I would love to buy some books that I have a real interest in.


…Plus there are no book stores close by and shopping online isn’t an option for me at this moment in time. I would like to read though, and if you have any suggestions I’m all ears! 🙂



Here are the questions I have:

  1. a Humming bird sits on a broken down oak tree, what does the bird think of the tree?

2. Do you think humans deserve to exist?

3. I a random person asks you “How was your day?” what would you normally                        answer with?

4. What is your favorite animal and why?

5. What is your moral values?

6.How can we truly change the world for the better?

7. a Dog barks into a bush at night, what is he barking at and why?(be creative)

8. What is your view on the concept of time?

9.What does Blogging/Writing mean to you as a person?

10. You have done everything you have set to do in this life, you have money, a family            and grandchildren. Yet on your death-bed though, no one is there by your side.                    Why?


Ps. I was in a depressed state when i wrote this… sorry but hope this still works… Now i don’t have anyone following my blogs except for Meher and Crumble-Cult so whatever, even if i dont win, it was fun answering these questions heheh. :)tx

Keep in mind I have no idea what im doing…

I would nominate more buuuutttt… meh.

Here are my nominees…


Mynameisdespair (because i like his page)


(unsure if i can nominate “HER again buuutttt whatever….)




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